Here you can see some of our works.

Pool Water Treatment system

Pool Water temperature control system.

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Lighting Management

Intelligent light controller to save energy.

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Led posters

We made illuminated led posters to measure, with possibility of integrate them with different systems.

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Control of dam gates

Automation of dam gates that is controlled by remote mode.

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Chemical Contaminants Control System

Dosing and measuring equipment to supply chermical products.

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Quality control

Vision system to control labelled quality.

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Management of Reservoirs

Application to manage the operation of some water reservoirs to water. Remote control and sending of alarms and incidents.

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RFID traceability

We implemented technological solutions in warehouse management. In the glass sector the best choice is RFID.

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Automation Sawmill

Implantation of mechanical and control reforms to increase the productivity.

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Industrial Water Filter Control

Application to manage the working and automatic cleaning of an industrial water filter.

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Access Control

Development to control and inform an enterprises incubator of business.

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Tell us what you need and we will make it our next project.